• Edgar Orlaineta

    Edgar Orlaineta

    Mexico City, México, b. 1972
    Edgar Orlaineta (1972, Mexico City) lives and works in Mexico City. In his artistic practice, Orlaineta focuses on hybrid sculptural forms. Modernist ideals, popular culture as well as specific historic moments are echoed in the artist’s investigation. Orlaineta explores design and architecture from the post-war period: movements that generally depicted biomorphic shapes due to its strong influence by surrealism. Orlaineta also alters perception and questions the symbolic and economic value of things –industrial objects that at one point became mass products, despite of their original purposes–, by either incorporating craft elements or assembling objects of the every day that lack any historical relevance. When Orlaineta’s objects loose their functionality, historical cult or value, and present themselves opened to a new imagery, they replicate the legacy of the historical avant-garde.

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  • Anthony Caro

    Anthony Caro

    New Malden, Reino Unido, b. 1924
    Anthony Caro (born 1924) has played a pivotal role in the development of twentieth century sculpture. After studying sculpture at the Royal Academy Schools in London, he worked as assistant to Henry Moore. He came to public attention with a show at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1963, where he exhibited large abstract sculptures brightly painted and standing directly on the ground so that they engage the spectator on a one-to-one basis. This was a radical departure from the way sculpture had hitherto been seen and paved the way for future developments in three-dimensional art. Caro’s teaching at St Martin’s School of Art in London (1953-1981) was very influential. His questioning approach opened up new possibilities, both formally and with regard to subject matter. His innovative work as well as his teaching led to a flowering and a new confidence in sculpture worldwide. Caro often works in steel, but also in a diverse range of other materials, including bronze, silver, lead, stoneware, wood and paper. Major exhibitions include retrospectives at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (1975), the Trajan Markets, Rome (1992), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (1995), Tate Britain, London (2005), and three museums in Pas-de-Calais, France (2008), to accompany the opening of his Chapel of Light at Bourbourg. He has been awarded many prizes, including the Praemium Imperiale for Sculpture in Tokyo in 1992 and the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sculpture in 1997. He holds many honorary degrees from universities in the UK, USA and Europe. He was knighted in 1987 and received the Order of Merit in May 2000.

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  • Fritzia Irizar

    Fritzia Irizar

    Culiacán Rosales, México, b. 1977

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  • Jannis Kounellis

    Jannis Kounellis

    Pireas, El Pireo, Grecia, b. 1936
    Kounellis work transited from an open concept of painting towards an installation-centred practice. The comprehension that Kounellis’ sensibility achieved towards the value of the post-war tendencies on the second half of the Twentieth Century (Minimalism, Conceptual Art and Art Povera) allow us to affirmate that his work is a personal synthesis of the artistic knowledge of the last half century. Kounellis is something like a contemporary alchemist that transmutes the identity of organic, natural and industrial materials, such as flesh, fire, smoke, earth, gold, metal and textiles. The sense of poetry, the power of the historic destiny and the existential questioning form part of his imaginary.

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Each year ZONAMACO, Latin America’s most important contemporary art fair, brings collectors, specialists and galleries from every part of the world to Mexico City. Founded by Zélika García in 2002, ZONAMACO has established itself as one of the most notable platforms for selling, displaying, and promoting international contemporary art in the region.

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