• Alicja Bielawska

    Alicja Bielawska

    Warsaw, Poland, b. 1980
    Originally trained as an art historian, Alicja Bielawska accepts that we can never escape what we know. The past is our mutual anchor. It is a harbor of experiences. Bielawska uses the past as storage. Memory is almost always a part of her practice. The memory of thought, the memory of lines, the memory of the everyday life, the memory that which was our childhood, the memory which at its best, is universal. Careful never to fall into the romantic rapture of nostalgia, Bielawska’s practice strives for lightness, even the sort of lightness Milan Kundera understands as positive but also condemning. In contrast to her Polish contemporaries and art historical ancestors, the artist sets herself apart by marching forward towards a contemplative weightless-ness that is aware, that is not afraid, that has already arrived embedded with a sense of purpose and morality. She states “it is indeed in the pleats, corners, and layers upon everyday life” where the subconscious resides, where our subconscious makes a home. Bielawska expresses her desire to investigate material, alternative arrangements of proportions, and formal properties of art through carefully-composed compositions. When we look at her works, we see visual echoes. We hear, but we do so with our eyes and then our emotions. She meticulously crafts tent-like sculptures, but the exterior is counterbalanced with transparent pastel-colored fabrics. The artist cuts across the aerial space of the gallery using a rope, colored in sections using different threads and fabrics. Her collages depict emotion, childlike movement, but punctuated with reasoning. We catch a glimpse of her line of thought in the simpler works. Her artistic voice is never loud. It commands quietly. It mesmerizes: our intuition captured and our cerebral processes suspended. Bruce Nauman declared that a professional artist was able to arrive at the feeling he set his mind to during art production. He meant that a professional knows a, not necessarily the, pathway to execute his concepts. In this sense, Bielawska has achieved her task to make the “viewer aware of his mental and physical presence”… touching his memories, and bringing him “outside a routine perception.” Alicja Bielawska graduated with an art history diploma from the University of Warsaw and the Gerrit Reitveld Academie in Amsterdam. She also studied at Central Saint Martins in London, UK. The artist is the recipient of numerous grants and scholarships including the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Mondriaan Fonds of The Netherlands, and Young Poland. In 2013, the Modern Art Museum of Warsaw commissioned a large-scale work from Bielawska, that is now part of its permanent collection. In 2015, she was a finalist for the esteemed Views by Deutsche Bank award. In 2016, she was also a finalist for the prestigious Polityka magazine award. This year, she has two solo exhibitions, Labirynth Gallery in Lublin and Kasia Michalska in Warsaw.

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  • Sandra Valenzuela

    Sandra Valenzuela

    Mexico City, Mexico, b. 1980
    Sandra Valenzuela (Mexico City, 1980-) Estudia Artes Visuales con Mención Honorífica en “La Esmeralda”. Realiza su Masetria en el Pratt Institute de Nueva York. Realizó estudios sobre Arte Contemporaneo Chino en el Colegio de Mexico quien auspicio su residencia en Bejing. Sus proyectos se han presentado individualmente en ciudades como Beijing, Hong Kong, Italia, Estados Unidos, España y México. Ha expuesto colectivamente en The Rubin Center for The Visual Arts, El Paso, Texas, EUA, Museo del Barrio; NYC; Instituto Cervantes de Nueva York, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico DF (2002 and 2009 biennale), Fotofest, Houston 2010, Galería CENART,Mexico DF and MUCA Roma, Mexico DF. Ha recibido reconocimientos y becas de Fulbright- García Robles, FONCA-PAEE, La Colección Jumex, Unidad Latina Foundation, CONACYT y SRE.

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  • Adrien Missika

    Adrien Missika

    Berlín, Alemania, b. 1981
    Adrien Missika (1981, Paris) lives and works between Berlin and Mexico City. Through a wide array of mediums, which range from photography and video, to sculpture and installations, Adrien Missika records various places around the world. Like an anachronic traveling painter, Missika blurs the line between documentation and fiction. He defies and plays with the populist imagery rooted in our collective memory and, with a humoristic turn, opens up new readings. His experimental approach to photography and video, maybe his most recurring mediums, results in the nomadic documentation of non-places, unstable landscapes, ruins or biotopes that evoke a strange futuristic nostalgia. Even the very passing of time becomes a formal technique, used by the artist to expand perception. Through his installations and sculptures, Missika evokes in the spectator visualizations and atmospheres that with their narratives, invert clichés and hierarchies of representations: this is the case of Ciudad Jardin, 2015 – a project developed for Hors les Murs during FIAC 2015 – where he installed a vertical garden displaying bad weeds only, plants that generally are destined to be eradicated of any terrain.

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  • Rodolfo Morales

    Rodolfo Morales

    Mexico City, Mexico, b. 1925

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Each year ZONAMACO, Latin America’s most important contemporary art fair, brings collectors, specialists and galleries from every part of the world to Mexico City. Founded by Zélika García in 2002, ZONAMACO has established itself as one of the most notable platforms for selling, displaying, and promoting international contemporary art in the region.

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