• Michael NYMAN

    Michael NYMAN

    Ciudad de México, México, b. 1944
    Michael Nyman (Londres, 1944) Michael Nyman es compositor, videoartista, escritor y cineasta. Reconocido por las bandas sonoras que ha compuesto para otras cineastas desde 1976, su trabajo visual ha emergido en los últimos cinco años como complemento a su proceso creativo. Ha grabado alrededor de sesenta películas, todas bajo el nombre de Cine Opera, que tratan sobre la cotidianidad del día a día y sus sucesos espontáneos, vistos desde el disciplinado punto de vista de un curioso. En septiembre de 2010, Nyman presentó su primer largometraje: Nyman with a Movie Camera, una reconstrucción plano a plano de la icónica man with a Movie Camera de Dziga Vertov, para la cual escribió en 2002 una imperativa banda sonora. NYman with a Movie Camera se ha mostrado en los Festivales de Cine de Toronto, Turín y Berlín, y algunas de las películas de Cine Opera se han proyectado en el Festival de Cine de Copenhague, BAFTA y en espacios para conciertos, cine y arte en Morelia, Ciudad de México, Estocolmo, Venecia, Moscú, Perm, Nottingham, Berlín, Sydney y Nueva York. Nyman ha colaborado con varios artistas contemporáneos como Bruce McLean, Mary Kelly y, más recientemente, con Kulug Ataman. En 2008 publicó Sublime, su primer libro de fotografía, el cual contiene más de dos mil imágenes de su archivo. En 2009 se presentó en De la Warr Pavillon, Bexbill-on-Sea, la mayor exposición en Reino Unido de su trabajo de fotografía y video. Michael Nyman también ha expuesto en diversas instituciones públicas como la Tate Modern, el Museo Reina Sofía y el Museo de Arte Moderno de Nueva York. www.michaelnyman.com

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  • Rocío Gordillo

    Rocío Gordillo

    México, Mexique, b. 1980
    Rocío is a Mexican painter trained at the National University of Mexico City and the Parqe Lage School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her work, either ultra realistic or abstract, is based on strong technical skills. She has received twice the Mexican scholarship for the arts (FONCA) and has shown her work in bienals and fairs such as the Rufino Tamayo Bienal, the Yucatan Bienal, Zona Maco and the Lisbon Art Fair among others.

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  • Julius Heinemann

    Julius Heinemann

    Berlín, Alemania, b. 1984
    Julius Heinemann (1984, Munich) lives and works in London. One of the most recurrent aspects of Julius Heinemann’s pictorial practice is the phenomenological investigation on space and time. The bi-dimensional supports he uses – such as paper, wood or canvases – project the three-dimensionality of a space. On the other hand, the installations he creates in situ, refer to a critical exploration on the materiality of pictorial means, the very substance of painting and its unfolding. In a palimpsestic approach Heinemann reflects onto his work everything that surrounds him physically, be it the markings on a wall, imperfections, traces of light or of shadows, objects, etc., as well as his own momentarily mental activity: projecting his thoughts, memories and other abstractions. The artists’ gesture assimilates a mixture between surrealist écriture automatique and jaunty scribbles, emphasising the process.

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  • Gabriel de la Mora

    Gabriel de la Mora

    Mexico City, México, b. 1968
    Gabriel de la Mora (1968, Mexico City) lives and works in Mexico City. De la Mora focuses his artistic practice in the use or reuse of discarded and obsolete objects that appear to have concluded their utilitarian life. More interested in the deconstruction and fragmentation of an object or material over time, De la Mora refuses the notion of the artist as a virtuoso and rather focuses on reconstructing through process and time-based practices, echoing the concept of the ready-made. Through an obsessive process of collecting and cataloguing discarded objects –old radios, shoe soles, glass microscope slides, eggshells, doors and daguerreotypes–, De la Mora reorganizes their fragmentations into a new geometric entirety. Interested in the juxtaposition of making the ephemeral reappear in a new light, De la Mora lends visibility to the auric dimension of an object, comprising its immateriality, which, removed from its previous narrative and once placed in an exhibition context, appears to be in turn looking back.

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Each year ZONAMACO, Latin America’s most important contemporary art fair, brings collectors, specialists and galleries from every part of the world to Mexico City. Founded by Zélika García in 2002, ZONAMACO has established itself as one of the most notable platforms for selling, displaying, and promoting international contemporary art in the region.

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