• Alan and Michael Fleming

    Alan and Michael Fleming

    New York, NY, United States, b. 1985
    Alan and Michael Fleming’s practice is marked by their desire to merge and condense the physical act with cerebral action. For the brothers, how we engage with our bodies is not separate from how we master ideas and understand the world. Bodily movement is and can be one with our thoughts. Though their practice is notably influenced by Bruce Nauman, the meister of conceptual post-studio practice, the artists distinguish themselves by referencing their unique context of being twins. By going back to their relationship as a foundation, they investigate what it means to look at the world around us as a series of relationships. This turn in perspective rests within the nature of Cartesian dualism and in particular, the mind-body split. Their inquiries operate in gaps created by dualism and make visible bonds between seemingly divorced faculties of human understanding. Within their spatial interventions, these faculties become intermeshed. By combining phenomenological sensibilities with methodical application, they unite the nuances of the physical and cerebral to where they are no longer autonomous but interdependent. Always in a state of curiosity and good humor, these exercises of empathy and support reveal that codependence is not only crucial but also celebrated. While drawing from elements of dance and acrobatics, they use their bodies in a manner that is distinct and separate from the virtuosic styles of these pursuits. The variation lies in the application of these elements to form a series of procedures for experimentation, exercises that test the potential of the body as a medium of examination of our relationship to surrounding architecture. While their interventions start from a set of operations and tasks, it is tempered by their sensitivity to know their surroundings and each other. They balance off, mimic, and interlock with each other; physical feats are not possible without one another. They use their empathy as brothers and collaborators as a tool for investigating where these sensibilities apply. The Flemings’ understanding extends into their sculptures and videos that typically serve as artifacts of these exercises. As a result, they take on role of surrogates wherein each object represents each brother by their execution of a task. This anthropomorphism accounts for inherent differences in conjunction with the way in which they correlate to one another. Through applying empathy as a critical tool, they examine what actually exists between individuals, faculties, or objects. Empathy is where one begins to understand one another and develop the ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences in the world around us. In 2010, Alan and Michael Fleming received their MFAs from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which they attended together. They have exhibited and performed extensively throughout the United States and in Denmark, Germany, Scotland, the Ukraine, and Brazil. The winner of numerous awards, the twins were awarded fellowships to the NARS Foundation in Brooklyn in 2012, and the Artist in the Marketplace Program at the Bronx Museum of the Arts in 2011. Their last solo show, Studio Audience, was at Cindy Rucker Gallery in New York.

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  • Teresa Serrano

    Teresa Serrano

    Mexico City, Mexico, b. 1936
    Teresa Serrano (Mexico City, 1936-) Lives and works in New York and Mexico City. 2015  Teresa Serrano, Museo Amparo, Puebla México 2014 Albur de Amor, Museo Artium, Vitoria-Gasteiz, País Vasco, España 2013 Desenlace: Teresa Serrano y Miguel Angel Rios, Oi Futuro, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2012 Albur de Amor, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno CAAM, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España 2010 Sin llegar a Ser Palabra, EDS GALERIA, Mexico City

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  • Daniela Libertad

    Daniela Libertad

    Mexico City, Mexico, b. 1983

    Daniela Libertad explores the relationship between the ancestral and everyday life through the reenactment of the intimate and social rituals that pace our existence. Her multifaceted projects include public actions, installations, videos, drawings, and photography. Using these different mediums, Libertad’s work expresses the thin line that exists between philosophical discourse and concerns of the uncanny. Her recent work is an investigation on the concept of the offering and its intention of attracting or pleasing others from a deep unconscious. This exploration is connected with a syncretism of ancient Mexican rituals and Cuban Santeria.

    Recent solo exhibitions include Empujo puertas que debería jalar, jalo puertas que debería empujar at MARSO in Mexico City, Mexico, Estudio Trasladado at Cine Tonalá in Bogotá, Colombia, and Lo lleno se vacía, lo vacío se llena (das volle leert sich, das leere füllt sich) at POLY Prdouzentegalerie in Karlsruhe, Germany.

    Libertad is a graduate of Mexico’s National School of Painting and Sculpture, La Esmeralda, and has a master’s degree in visual art from New York University. She lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico and Karlsruhe, Germany.

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  • Fritzia Irizar

    Fritzia Irizar

    Culiacán Rosales, México, b. 1977

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Each year ZONAMACO, Latin America’s most important contemporary art fair, brings collectors, specialists and galleries from every part of the world to Mexico City. Founded by Zélika García in 2002, ZONAMACO has established itself as one of the most notable platforms for selling, displaying, and promoting international contemporary art in the region.

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