• Elise Eeraerts

    Elise Eeraerts

    Antwerp, Belgium, b. 1986
    Elise Eeraerts constructs large-scale installations and sculptures composed of modular units. The geometries of these units grow from the foundation of the stretched or modified cube, that stemmed from her first work. Mäntsälä, an irregular polygon, was physically excavated out of and made using earth. Each subsequent project is built upon traces, utterances, and fragments of a self-designed system aware of proportion and perspective. Eeraerts disrupts this neutrality of geometry through slight shifts in proportions, material, perspective, and space, enabling viewers to observe subtle changes in how one understands an object. Her success stems from a sensitivity to how architectonic surroundings inform the theoretical and concrete. What is the identity of an object? How does one know something given the elusive nature of perception? Concerned with how objects come to be and what properties are apparent either in use, materiality, or form, Eeraerts’s practice functions as philosophical inquiry. The artist likens her practice as a series of abstract moments and actions that eventually manifest to the senses, and clarifies that such objects already exist in the mind. Eeraerts merges the epistemological framework of geometry with primarily raw or natural materials, and in doing so, the artist articulates the seemingly immeasurable space existing between what is self evident and what cannot be obtained through the senses. Hard, angular objects that appear as stone exhibit unexpected integrity, being made of solidified oils. The land-artist’s most dense and ambitious ideas have been expressed humbly, using different types of soil. By the same token, Eeraerts’ documentation reveal techniques conjuring a sort of sublimation, working in tandem with her practice. Photo and video communicate duration and more specifically, the shifting identity of an object: its transformation. Objects are consequences of physical realities, and alchemical changes of material compositions are taut with symbolism. Her incandescent mind is exhibited best when viewers sense that tension between illusionism and verity, as we are transported back to the fundamental and paradoxical possibility that exists between human culture and matter. We are able to reconsider relationships of our natural and social worlds, possibilities of manifestation contrasted to that which appears devoid of intention. Elise Eeraerts holds and MFA from the Sint-Lukas University College of Art and Design in Brussels. She was awarded Master Scholar diploma from the Institute fur Raumexperimente in Berlin, where she was funded by the esteemed DAAD (German Exchange) Scholarship. In 2016, she was the Winner of Arte Laguna Prize in the Land-Art Division in Venice, Italy and has also been awarded numerous grants from the Flemish Ministry of Culture. Most recently, she was a resident at Thread in Senegal, sponsored by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. She has exhibited throughout Belgium, in Finland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Japan. In 2017, CYDONIA will mount her first American solo exhibition.

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  • Alfredo Pirri

    Alfredo Pirri

    Cosenza, CS, Italia, b. 1957
    Alfredo Pirri was born in Cosenza, Italy, in 1957. He lives and works in Rome, is one of the best-known artists working there. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and graduated with a degree in Painting.His work ranges between painting and sculpture, architecture and installation and draws the attention of international audience since the mid-eighties. Materials, volume, color and space are the main tools of his poetry. The originality of his work consists in using painting as a vehicle for light and light as an architectural and spatial element. The space becomes a landscape inhabited by plastic sculptures in which the pictorial surface creates spots of light and shadows. Alfredo Pirri’s work dialogues harmoniously with architecture and constantly tends to create an archetypal place which is habitable and at the same time serves as a space for public use. Alfredo Pirri has exhibited his work in many national and international museums and biennials: Nomas Foundation, Rome; (2016), Museo Novecento, Florence (2015); London Design Festival (2015); Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, with the semi-permanent installation “Steps” (2012-2016); Palazzo Te, Mantova (2013) and Project Biennial D-0 ARK Underground Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2013), where “Pass” is on permanent view; Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria, with the permanent “square” work integrating in the museum space  (2011); Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro (2007); Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris (2006); Havana Biennale (2001); Accademia di Francia Roma -Villa Medici, Rome(2000); MoMa PS1, New York (1999); Walter Gropius Bau, Berlin (1992); Venice Biennale (1988). He collaborated with the architects Nicola di Battista (currently editor-in-chief of Domus magazine) Paolo Desideri (ABDR) and Efisio Pitzalis (Studio PROAP) Lisboa. The results of these fruitful collaborations were showcased in an exhibition-study held at the British School of Rome in May 2015. Pirri has taught at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, La Sapienza University in Rome, the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, Accademia di Belle Arti in Palermo, and he is currently Professor of Painting at the Academy of Frosinone and Advisor in Visual Art for the American Academy in Rome. In 2015 he was selected by AMACI (Association of Italian contemporary art museums) as featuring artist on the occasion of the 11th Giornata del Contemporaneo.

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  • William N. Copley

    William N. Copley

    New York, NY, United States, b. 1919

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  • Todd James

    Todd James

    Nueva York, Estados Unidos, b. 1969


    Nace en 1969 en Nueva York

    Vive y trabaja en Nueva York

    Exposiciones individuales

    2015 Fly Like the Wind, Nanzuka, Tokio

    Pump Pump, Alice, Bruselas

    2014 Afternoon Delight, Aisho Nanzuka, Hong Kong

    Strange Days, Galería Javier López – Finca Cortesin, Casares, Malaga

    Secret Garden, Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milán

    Supernatural, Sandra Gering Inc., Nueva York

    2013 Todd James, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto

    Business as Usual, Galería Javier López, Madrid

    World Domination, Lazarides Gallery, Londres

    2012 Free To Be You & Me, V1 Gallery, Copenhague

    King of the Wild Frontier, Gering & López Gallery, Nueva York

    Yield to Temptation, Nanzuka Underground Gallery, Tokio

    2010 Infinity Lessons, Alice Gallery, Bruselas

    Great Adventure, Galería Javier López, Madrid

    Make My Burden Lighter, Gering & López Gallery, Nueva York

    2009 Disaster, Monster Children Gallery, Sídney

    Double Disaster, Don’t Come Gallery, Melburne

    Don’t Stop Get it Get it, Colette, París

    2008 Blood & Treasure, Lazarides Gallery, Londres

    2007 Trouble, V1 Gallery, Copenhague

    Exposiciones colectivas

    2014 KNOCK! KNOCK!, Galería Javier López, Madrid

    Paint New York – Painting from the American East coast, Copenhagen Gallery of Contemporary Art GL Strand, Copenhague

    Pulp, The Outsiders, Newcastle, Londres

    Ok, I’ll Rename It, Billy Brady Gallery, Kansas City

    Art Truancy: Celebrating 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine, Jonathan Levine Gallery, Nueva York

    It’s an Invasion, Gramercy Park, Nueva York

    2013 Meet Your Maker, Bleecker Street Arts Club, Nueva York

    Chicken or Beef? A Transcontinental Survey of Figurative Painting, The Hole, Nueva York; comisariada por Jesper Elg

    2012 Beyond elegance. Todd James + Alexis Ross, Valmorbida Gallery, Nueva York

    V1X: Tonight We Won’t Be Bored. 10 Years of V1 Gallery, V1 Gallery, Copenhague

    Supergrass, Bloom Projects, Nueva York; comisariada por Chris Bors

    2011 Pretty On The Inside, Paul Kasmin Gallery, Nueva York; comisariada por Kaws y Erik Parker

    Art in the Streets, The Geffen Contemporary at LA MOCA – Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Ángeles, California; Brooklyn Museum, Nueva York

    Facemaker, Royal/T, Los Ángeles, California; comisariada por Kathy Greyson de The Hole en Nueva York

    Dadarhea, Canada Gallery, Nueva York

    Brothers of the Weird, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

    Con Amor, ARoS Museum, Aarhus, Dinamarca

    Contemporaries, Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milán

    2010 Brush Strokes, con Lydia Fong aka Barry McGee, V1 Gallery, Copenhague

    Album exhibition, V1 Gallery, Copenhague

    USA Today. Una aproximación al arte norteamericano del siglo XXI, Centro Torrente Ballester, Ferrol, A Coruña. Comisariada por Alejandro y Mario Martín Pareja

    2009 The Paper Chasers, O.H.W.O.W, Miami, Florida; Plaything Gallery, Auckland, Nueva Zelanda

    The New Yorkers, V1 Gallery, Copenhague

    USA Today. Una aproximación al arte norteamericano del siglo XXI, Centro de Historia de Zaragoza y Sala de exposiciones del Archivo Histórico Provincial de Cáceres, comisariada por Alejandro y Mario Martín Pareja, organizada por Contemporánea

    2008 The Outsiders, The Lazarides Gallery, Nueva York

    Destruction of Atlantis, Union Gallery, Londres

    USA Today. Una aproximación al arte norteamericano del siglo XXI, Eutopia 08, Sala museística de Cajasur, Córdoba, comisariada por Alejandro y Mario Martín Pareja

    2007 Paper Trails, V1 Gallery, Copenhague

    2006 High Math, V1 Gallery Copenhague

    Arkitip, con KAWS, Venice Beach, California; Venecia y Tokio

    2005 Beautiful Losers, Baltimore Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, Maryland; Orange County Museum of Art, Orange County, California

    2004 Beautiful Losers, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California

    2002 Beloved Fiend, Todd James, Tate Liverpool Biennal, Liverpool

    Pot o’Gold 3, PAM Gallery Australia, Perks

    2001 Tits and Ass, con Jamil GS, Huston Gallery, Seattle, Washington

    Pot o’Gold 2, con Chris Johanson y James Jarvis, PAM Gallery Australia, Perks

    2000 Street Market, con Steve Powers y Barry McGee, Deitch Projects, Nueva York; Parco Gallery, Nagoya; Bienal de Venecia

    Untitled 2000, exposición Japan Group, Keith Haring Foundation, Tokio

    1999 Indelible Market, con Steve Powers y Barry McGee, ICA – Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    1998 Daze/Crash with guest Reas, Recent Works, Pallazzo Enrico Coveri Florence, Florencia

    Adventures of the Four Letter Word, con Steve Powers

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Each year ZONAMACO, Latin America’s most important contemporary art fair, brings collectors, specialists and galleries from every part of the world to Mexico City. Founded by Zélika García in 2002, ZONAMACO has established itself as one of the most notable platforms for selling, displaying, and promoting international contemporary art in the region.

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